Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Submit Your Web Site to a Network of Popular Search Engines for FREE Here Without Hassle at Entireweb!

I’ll call Entireweb the single most efficient and powerful yet truly hassle free search engine submission tool that you might ever encounter on the internet! There are no ads to click on, no annoying popup or pop under ads to swipe away, no hoards of spam to contend with, no dirty tricks to watch out for, and no lengthy forms to fill out here! (YaY!)

Entireweb is only interested in the facts (‘Just the Facts Ma'am’) Yes, two painless questions to ask you before Entireweb get’s to work doing for you what you came for.

The first question is unavoidable as it will ask you the URL of the site you wish to submit (give it what is commonly referred to as a ‘fully qualified URL’ which simply means the entire URL to your target site including the ‘http://and in more cases than not the ‘www.’ part as well)

Then it will ask you for a valid email address that’s reachable for the purposes of verifying your email address as valid for Entireweb to continue to process your site submission (if you don’t respond to Entireweb’s emailed validation request (just a unique link sent via email to you that you must click on in order to actually start that submission session)

Once you’ve entered both you site URL and a valid email address on the first page then you will be taken to a page which asks which service you’d like to receive. There is one entirely free (though they say ‘ad supported’) one-time submission option along with two other month recurring automated billing and submission paid-for options.

If you’re the type where you’d rather just pay the $9 monthly (recurring until you cancel) for the convenience of not being inconvenienced by manually going through Entireweb’s free submission process (all the steps in this post) approximately every month or so for best results then go ahead and sign up for the $9 a month (per site) plan (it definitely won’t hurt your site’s rank or popularity in fact I’d take the stance that it actually will be a wonderful reliable boost for your web site over time) …and then there’s always the next step up (in price and effectiveness) though I’ll leave you to read their own description and make that choice if it makes sense to you.

For most of the site admins in my own circle of friends and myself the much more logical choice is to contemplate not being lazy over performing our own monthly (approximately) manual Entireweb submission sessions while also not forgetting to submit while confidently choosing the totally FREE single submission session at a time plan.

a one or two search engines (Exactseek, and maybe one other) asking you to respond to a simple one click emailed email verification link along with a check in the checkbox in order to cut down on automated ‘bot’ entries and to verify that your email address is indeed valid.

The Entireweb Free Site Submission Tool purports to submit your site to Google, Bing (Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, etc.), Aol, Excite, Entireweb, Infospace, DuckDuckGo, Dogpile (yes, a totally legitimate important and very good META search engine (try it at www.DogPile.com) just with a funny name), Mamma, WebCrawler, and some others.

Friday, December 2, 2016

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